Xbox One sales have ended in the US – Microsoft

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Xbox One sales have ended in the US – Microsoft


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The sales of Xbox One have ended in the US. Microsoft is not selling the original Xbox One consoles anymore. It is now selling only Xbox One S and Xbox One X in its offline retail store and online store. The production of the console was stopped few months before but now it is officially unavailable. Now if you go to buy it you will find out of stock notice. 

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However, you can still buy the refurbished original console. But this seemingly marks the end of the four-year-old console.

The production was not discontinued because the sales of the consoles decreased or it was not successful. The real story tells something else. Microsoft has some other great idea regarding their gaming console. Xbox One S and Xbox One X are the two big buddy responsible for the discontinuity. Xbox One S is a simple console for users who do not own a 4K television or happen to simply be casual gamers will still have the slimmer console. On the other hand, the Xbox One X is a mighty console meant for  4K gaming, powered by 12GB of GDDR5 VRAM.

The Microsoft Xbox One X retails for $500 with its standard edition, barring which there will be a number of special edition consoles to come. For cheaper options, users will have the Xbox One S, prices for which start at $249

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