Installing Windows On Virtual Box [GUIDE] | Virtualization part #2

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Installing Windows On Virtual Box | Virtualization part #2

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In the last part of virtualization I told you about virtualization and virtual box. I would highly recommend you to read the previous article because in that part I discussed how to download, install and  configure virtual box. If you have not read the first part you can read it by clicking the link below. In today’s article I will tell you how you can install operating system in virtual box, for example let say Windows 10.

Introduction To Virtualization On Virtual Box | Virtualization part #1

Let’s get started…….

Installing Windows 10 In Virtual Box

 A . Setting Up The Virtual Machine

1 . Download and install virtual box and then install virtual box extension.

2 . Open virtual box, following screen will come up.

3 . Click on New button to create new virtual machine. Following screen will come up. Type the name of your virtual machine and select its version and hit next.

4 . Select the memory ( RAM ) according to your need or system specification. Hit next.

5 . Now you will be asked to create the hard disk where you will install the windows. If you have already created one,  click on the third option and hit enter. For creating a new hard disk go with the second option.

6 . Now you have to select the type of hard disk you want to create. If you don’t know about virtual hard disk then go with the default option.

7 .  Now you have to select storage on physical disk. Virtual box basically gives you two option – i) Dynamically Allocated ii) Fixed Size

  • Dynamically Allocated  It means that you don’t have fixed size and your hard disk size will automatically increase according to your need till the selected size.

For example if you have created hard disk of 40GB and installed windows 7 which fairly takes 20GB so in the beginning only 20GB will be occupied on the hard disk not 40GB. Size will go on increasing automatically  according to the need up to 40GB.

  • Fixed Size – As the name tells, if you have created 25GB hard disk you will only have 25GB hard disk.

8 . Now the select the size of hard disk according to your need. Click on Create button.

9 . Now a screen will come up showing the details of your virtual machine.

Note : All the settings done above depends upon the operating system you are going to install.

B . Installing Windows 10

Once you have successfully created virtual machine, you can now install the windows.

1 . Click on green colored start button and select the image file of windows 10 and hit start button.

2 . Following screen comes up which means the installation has started.

3 . Select your language,time, currency and input format and hit next.

4 . Click on Install Now.

5 . Now it will ask you to enter the product key if you have one enter it or else click “I don’t have product key”. Don’t worry you can register your windows later.

6 . Now select the the version ( Pro , Home , etc ) and hit enter.

7 . Select “I accept the license terms” and click next.

8 . Now you have to select the type of installation. There are basically two types of installation :

  • Upgrade – If you are already running any other windows and just want to upgrade your system then go with this option.
  • Custom – If you want to start everything from scratch then go with this option.

9 . Now select the virtual hard disk you created earlier and hit enter.

10 . Once you hit enter your installation will start. Installation time depends upon your system.

C . Final Steps

1 . Once installation gets completed following screen comes up. Select “Use Express Settings” if you don’t want to customize the settings.

2 . Select the username and hit enter.


That’s all , now you have successfully installed windows 10 on your virtual machine.

Last Words

So this was the second part of virtualization where you have learned how to create a virtual machine and install windows.

Feel free to comment below if you have any doubt.

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