Amazing Video Game Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

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Amazing Video Game Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

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Many people often ignore game thinking that it’s a childish thing. But a lot effort and hard work is done in making a single game. So without wasting much time, here is a list of most interesting video game facts.

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Video game facts – 

1. Mario was originally a carpenter.

In the original Mario game, Donkey Kong Mario was a carpenter, not a plumber as you can see that he is holding a hammer. But later games introduced pipes as the only mode of transportation which transformed Mario from Carpenter to a plumber.

2. Because they were the last enemies added, their design had to be super simple. 

Source – Odyssey

Because space was so limited for new content to be added to the game, the creators had to make Goombas as simple as possible. So they basically took a ball, put some eyes on it, and then only made its feet move.

3. Gran Turismo Series

The first major Sony-developed game was Motor Toon Grand Prix by a small team called Poly’s. It would go on to become Polyphony Digital, creator of the legendary Gran Turismo series.

4. Worth Of Gaming Industry

2.2 billion gamers across the globe are expected to generate $108.9 billion in game revenues in 2017. – Newzoo

5. Packman

The maximum score anyone can achieve in Pac-Man is 3333360.


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6. Highest grossing video game of all time

Space Invaders (Arcade/Atari 2600)  is the highest grossing video game of all time with the worth of $13.9 billion.

7. Xbox

The Microsoft Xbox was the first video game system to provide full support for HDTV.


8. GTA

The Series Has Sold 195 Million Copies till date.


9. Again GTA

San Andreas characters Ryder & OG Loc are modeled after real-life rappers.

10. Players

Two-thirds of American households play games 60% are male, 40% are female.

11. Pokemon

Charmander is the tallest fire type Pokemon.

12. PlayStation 2

Fifa 2014 was the last game made for PlayStation 2.

13. Mario Name

Mario was originally known as Jumpman.

14. Nintendo history

Nintendo began as a playing card company in 1889.

15. Movie on game

The Super Mario Bros. movie was the first movie based on a video game.


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