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Today in this article I will tell you about the most useful language used in hacking. Hacking is one of the hardest areas in the field of technology. But the question is what makes hacking hard the answer programming. When you will move ahead in the journey hacking you will come to know the importance of programming in hacking. In short, I can only say programming is what that makes you a successful hacker.

So, without wasting much time lets get started.

1 . Assembly Language

Purpose: Reverse Engineering

It is low-level programming. Assembly Language is complicated to understand but it is very useful for hackers who want to perform reverse engineering on applications. But what is reverse engineering for example if you want to extend the trial period of any software but you don’t want to buy it. In that case, you can crack the software if you know assembly language. In other words, you can modify the codes. It is also used for instructing hardware or software directly.

2 . Python

Purpose: Create Exploits

As you all know that exploits are used for hacking any device. Exploits are nothing but a piece of software that performs the instruction written in it. Be it deleting data or stealing the password.  Python is the best high-level language for writing exploits.

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3 . C or C++

Purpose: Create Exploits

C language is the base of all high-level programming languages. The whole UNIX operating system is developed using C programming. C++ brings all the modern object-oriented concepts C programming. You must understand any of these two languages to understand exploit writing.

4 . PHP

Purpose: Web hacking and pen testing

PHP is one of the best dynamic web scripting languages. It is the server-side scripting language that can be used to write exploits for the web servers and the web applications. You also require the knowledge of HTML along with PHP.

5 . Javascript

Purpose: Web hacking and pen testing

Javascript is the great language for client-side programming on websites and applications. Recently, it has become very popular and also dominating server sided programming with the node.js framework. Understanding JavaScript code logic can help you find the web-apps flaw.

6 . SQL

Purpose: Database Hacking

Websites are made up of two parts – first HTML part and second Database part. Let me tell you every hacking attack is performed on the database or for the database because database consists of important data such as login credentials.  SQL is the database language so if you want to learn hacking then SQL is a must.

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