Tips for How To Increase Computer Speed

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Tips for How To Increase Computer Speed

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We all love speed in our life, we all want to solve our problems as quick as possible especially when we are working on our computer. We all use computers in our daily life for various purposes. In the present scenario most of our work are dependent on computers. But sometime our computer becomes slow with time or because of some other problem. As computers have become major part of our life we need to get over this problem and increase our computer speed. You can use extra RAM for increasing computer speed but here are some tricks which you can do to speed up your computer .


It is a technique by which you can use your pendrive or sd card  to speed up your computer. Your pendrive or sd card acts as a cache memory to boost performance.


1 . Plug in your pendrive or sd card.

2 . Right click on the external media and then click on Properties and select ReadyBoost.

3 . Select Use this device and set the memory and hit ok.

4 . Everytime  you plug in your media your system performance gets boosted.

2 -Disk Cleanup

It is a tool which comes with windows. It searches all the files present in your system which you can delete safely without harming your system. The more file you delete the more speed you unlock.

Open Control Panel and search for Administrative tool. You will get all administrative tools in one folder.

1 . Select the drive you want to cleanup.


2 . Now select the files you want to delete.

3 -Disk Defragmenter

This is another tool which comes with windows. Over period of time disk gets defragmented which exerts extra load on the system. You can defragment your disk by typing  Disk Defragmenter in the search box in start menu or access it in the control panel under administrative tools. You should defragment your disk when it gets fragmented more than 10%.


Whenever you start your computer many application gets automatically loaded in the memory. You should run msconfig to disable all the application which are of no use. You can access it typing  msconfig in RUN. It will not only speed up your computer but also speed up the booting process.

5 -Disable Search Indexing

New versions of windows( Windows 7 or higher) use something called Search Indexing which allows us to search our files and folder easily but this slows down the computer. So you can disable it if you want.


Open My Computer

Right click on C drive and select properties and under the general tab you will get a option to disable search indexing.

Alternative method to speed up your Computer.

You can also use some GUI application to speed up the computer. Here some software which you can use…..

Advance System Care – Download

System Boost Elite – Download

PerformanceTest – Download

Wise Registry Cleaner – Download

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