Play Media Via Phone On Windows Computer

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Play Media Via Phone On Windows Computer

media via phone

Do you all still use the old method of playing audio and video on a computer, don’t you want to learn something new such as playing media via phone. How good it would be if I say you can play your favorite music or video directly from your phone just in few clicks. Today in this article we will be discussing that topic so stay here and read the article further. I have seen many articles on this topic on the internet but none of them were complete so I decided to make my own tutorial in which I will cover everything related to it in simple and step by step tutorial so without wasting much time let’s get started.

So for doing that we need a windows computer, android phone with an app called BubbleUpNp(Download)  and your phone Wi-Fi ( don’t worry it will not use your data you only need to connect your computer to your phone)  which I think you all have.


Your phone and computer must be connected to same Wi-Fi network.


  • Windows Computer ( Windows Media Player )
  • Android Phone
  • WiFi

Once you have all the above-mentioned things you can read the article further.


We will first configure our windows media player for this.

1 – Open windows media player on your computer.

2 –  On the upper left side click on the stream and then click on more streaming options select the local network if not and check allow all. click on OK.

3 – Again click on the stream and click on allow control of my media player a dialog will appear just click on allow control.

That’s all for media player it has now been configured.


Now go to your phone and open BubbleUpNp.

Step 1 – Just skip tutorials and a window like this will open.

media via phone

Step 2 – On the upper left side click on three bold lines. A window like this will open.

media via phone

Step 3 – Click on Local Renderer and select your media player.


  1. LOCAL RENDERER – Where you want to play the media, in this case, it’s our Windows Media Player.
  2. LIBRARY – From where you want to play the media.

That’s all now you are good to go. Just select the audio or video you want to play.


Last Words

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