The Phone Contacts Stealer – Sarahah

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The Phone Contacts Stealer – Sarahah



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The app which went viral couple of weeks ago because of the number of downloads is back again with another news, Yes I am talking about Sarahah. If you don’t know what is Sarahah it is an anonymous message sending and receiving app which is used to receive honest feedback.

The app is secretly uploading your phone contact to its server for no reason. This action was first noticed by security analyst Zachary Julian and first reported by The Intercept.


Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, the app’s founder, said that contact lists are being uploaded for a feature called find your friend that was delayed due to a technical issue. After The Intercept pointed out the behavior, he tweeted that this issue will be removed in the next update.

However, you can simply decline the offer when the app asks for permission to access your phone data.  Julian discovered the behavior by using monitoring software to see what data Sarahah was sending and receiving from his Android phone. Among those was “all of your email and phone contacts;” the same, he later determined, occurs on iOS as well.

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