Locky Ransomware is spreading through E-mails – Government issues alert  

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Locky Ransomware is spreading through E-mails – Government issues alert

locky ransomware

On Saturday government issued an alert on the spread of new Locky Ransomware that can lock your computer and ask ransom for unlocking it.

Alert regarding spam spreading Locky Ransomware issued today by  Electronics and IT Additional Secretary Ajay Kumar. He tweeted:



Locky Ransomware is said to be demanding a ransom of half bitcoin, which at present rate is equivalent to over Rs 1.5 lakh.

The alert was issued on Cyber Swachhta Kendra.

The report suggests that over 2 million emails have been sent in this campaign. The messages contain common subjects like please print, documents, photo, Images, scans, and picture.

The messages contain zip attachments with Visual Basic Scripts (VBS) embedded in a secondary zip file. The VBS file contains a downloader which polls to domain greatesthits.mygoldmusic.com. 


Do not visit this malicious website to download variants of Locky ransomware.

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If the system is infected by Locky  Ransomware all the files are encrypted and string with random numbers with extension “ [.]lukitus” or “[.]diablo6” is appended to the encrypted files. After encryption, desktop background is changed with instructions and an htm file with a name “Lukitus.htm”. The instructions contain installation of TOR browser and visiting “.onion” sites and demanding a ransom of half bitcoin.

It is also reported that a spam campaign showing links to fake dropbox sites is being used to spread Locky variants.

If the pages are viewed in Chrome or Firefox, they show a fake notification stating “you don’t have the HoeflerText font”. These fake notifications had an “update” button that returns a malicious JavaScript (.js) file.

Users are advised to exercise caution while opening emails and organizations are advised to deploy anti spam solutions and update spam block lists.

– Source: Cyber Swachhta Kendra.


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