Introduction To Virtualization On Virtual Box | Virtualization part #1

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Introduction To Virtualization On Virtual Box | Virtualization part #1

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In this article I will tell you about Virtualization and how you can create your own virtual machine, besides this I will also tell you how you to download and install Virtual Box and configure it. I have seen lots of videos on YouTube and read bunch of article on how to use virtual box but none of them were complete. In this article I will tell you basics and not go too advance so you can understand it easily.

So let’s get started……..

About Virtualization

In computing, virtualization refers to an act of creating a virtual machine within a computer. In simple words installing one operating system inside another operating system. For example – a computer that is running Microsoft Windows may host a virtual machine that looks like a computer with the Linux operating system. There are two terms involved in virtualization-

1- Host Machine –  The computer which runs the virtual machine is called Host Machine. In the above case windows is Host Machine.

2 – Virtual Machine – The machine that runs on host machine is called Virtual Machine. Linux is virtual machine in the above case.

Following image will make you all clear what virtualization is.

Windows 10 running inside Windows 8

Downloading And Installing Virtual Box


  1. Go to the virtual box official website.
  2. Click on Downloads on the left side and download the latest version along with its extension pack.

NOTE  : Extension pack must be downloaded and installed.


  1. Once downloaded you can easily install it just like you install any another software.
  2. After installation you have to install the Extension Pack, this is a must requirement.

Installing Extension Pack

  1. Open virtual box and click on File.
  2. Click on Preferences and then click on Extensions.
  3. Select the Extension you downloaded and click OK  to install.

Last Words

So this was the first part of virtualization. In the second part we will be discussing how you can install operating system in virtual box.

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