Internet Related Terms Explained

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Various Internet Related Terms Explained

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In today’s article we will be discussing about various technical internet related terms such as IP Address, proxy server, domain name and much more. So without wasting much time let’s get started.

1- IP Address

Every computer or any device such as phone connected to internet has its own unique address called IP Address. IP address is just like house number or phone number on which you can be contacted. You can find your computer IP address by  typing what is my ip in google. IP address is a bunch of number separated by dots, it  generally looks like: xxx.xx.xx.xx

You can find IP address of any website by typing ping followed by name of the website in command promt. For example I want to find IP address of YouTube then I should type –

ping youtube.com

2 -Domain Name

As ip address is a bunch of number it is quite difficult to remember it. So for ease of access we have something called domain name. For example facebook.com is a domain name of Facebook , youtube.com is a domain name of YouTube. We can’t remember ip address of every website so making things easy we have domain names. Every website has a ip address and corresponding domain name. Unlike websites computer or phones do not have domain name.

3 – DNS(Domain Name System) Lookup

Whenever you type name of any website it gets automatically converted into its corresponding ip address. The process of converting domain name into its ip address is called DNS Lookup. Your web browser automatically performs DNS Lookup in background. IP address is used for connecting to various websites not the domain name.

4 -Reverse DNS Lookup

Process of converting ip address into its corresponding domain name is called is called Reverse DNS Lookup. It is opposite of DNS Lookup.

5 -DNS Server

The servers that executes and control DNS Lookup( DNS Lookup and Reverse DNS Lookup) is called DNS Server


HTTP stand for Hyper Text Transfer Control. It is a type of protocol ( rules and regulations ) that a web browser follows while connecting to any website. The encrypted form of HTTP is HTTPS which is far more secure than HTTP.

7 -Ports

It is the entry point and exit point of any data. Data enter and leaves through port. It used to exchange data.

There are two types of port:-

Hardware Port

HDMI, USB, Ethernet ports are called hardware ports, it basically means the port which you can touch and see. You all are familiar with hardware ports.

Virtual Ports

Whenever you go online or open any application that requires internet connection a virtual port gets opened. Like hardware ports they are also used to exchange data. All web applications open virtual port for connecting to remote server on the internet.

8 -Proxy Server

It is a server or software that acts a middle man between the user and the website. User will send request to proxy and proxy will forward the request to website and vice-versa. Following illustration will make you understand what proxy server is?



I hope now you have understood about various terms that are used in the world  of internet.

Feel free to comment below if you still have any doubt.

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