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One off the most irritating problem that a computer user faces is corrupted sd card. No matter what you try at some point your computer will refuse to read your sd card or USB  drive. Before we dig deep into the solution lets discuss why sd card gets corrupted.

The Real Cause

1 . Physical Damage

Cards can actually be broken or bent. Electrostatic discharge could also damage the electronics, although most cards are well-resistant.

2 . Filesystem and File Corruption

The firmware ( a little piece of software that handles sd card operations) in cameras and card readers can make mistakes, or gets in situations it can’t handle. You try to pull out the sd card or USB drive while writing to it. Don’t do that.

Your SD card is corrupted if it has any of these symptoms.

  • You plug in the sd card or USB drive in your computer but it is not able to recognize it.
  • “Windows was not able to complete the format.” – while formatting the sd card or USB drive.
  • Your data such as photos, videos or other documents are missing.
  • The computer is not able to read the data from your card. You open the drive but everything is missing.

If your drive has any of the above symptoms then it needs a sd card recovery.

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Sd Card Recovery

Step 1:

Plug in your corrupted sd card or USB drive.

Step 2:

Open the command prompt.

Step 3:

Type diskpart in cmd and hit enter.

Step 4:

Once diskpart is opened type list disk.

Step 5:

Type select disk followed by the number of your disk and press enter.

Step 6:

Once your device is selected type clean and hit enter.

Step 7:

Type creates partition primary.

Step 8:

Type active and hit enter followed by select partition 1.

Step 9:

In the last step, type format fs=fat32 and press enter.

Now, you have successfully completed sd card recovery.

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