Freegate – Browse Internet Anonymously And Safely

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Freegate -Browse Internet Anonymously And Safely

We all are well aware about the strict rules followed in countries like China, North Korea, Syria, Iran,  Saudi Arabia where internet censorship is at another level. But have you wondered what they use overcome the problems of internet censorship, a popular software ( freeware in China and Shareware in other countries) called Freegate comes in handy.

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About Freegate

Freegate is a anonymizer ( it makes you anonymous in simple words it hides your real IP Address)  developed by Dynamic Internet Technology (DIT) . It works on DIT, which is a large collection of internet proxy servers  in different parts of the world, it is used to bypass the firewall and securely browse the internet.

Download , Installation and Use

Freegate can be downloaded from Tech spot India or simply type freegate in google and you will see plenty of results.Once you have downloaded you can install it easily like you install any other software. Once the installation is complete it will automatically launch a new web browser that can be used to browse the internet securely and safely.

Following screen will come when you start Freegate.freegate It will connect to its directory and download and install the latest list of proxy servers that you can use to browse internet safely, securely and anonymously. The browser opened by freegate is already to configured to browse the internet. But if you want to use some other browser or application you can do that by changing the proxy settings.

To be sure whether it is working or not just what is my IP in google. If it hides your IP or changes it just think what you can do with that. Yes, you thought it right you can use it to access blocked websites and many more cool stuff like that.

Last Words

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