The Essential Skills Required For Becoming A Successful Hacker

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The Essential Skills Required For Becoming A Successful Hacker

The first question which comes to everybody mind when they want to start their journey in Hacking is “What do I need to learn for becoming a hacker?”. The answer to this question is here…….

Hacker is one of the most skilled person in the field of information technology. It requires wide knowledge of IT technologies and techniques. One needs to master all them for becoming a pro hacker. Use this article as a starting ground to study and prepare for mastering the skills.

So without wasting much time let’s get started….

1 – Computer Basics

This is obvious that for becoming a hacker you need know the basics of computer, from basics I didn’t mean opening and closing computer, using paint or playing games. You need to master command line interface, registry modifications, basics networking skills.

2 – Start loving Linux

Linux has many variations, Kali Linux is on of them , it is basically a operating system dedicated to hacking. For becoming a hacker you need to master Kali Linux. Almost all tool for hacking are made for linux and Kali comes with all the tools preinstalled.

3 – Networking

  • DNS
  • Mac Addressing
  • Wlan
  • Routers
  • IPv4
  • IPv6
  • Ports
  • Public IP and Private IP
  • Etc

For finding loopholes or exploiting them you need to understand how they work.

4 – Virtualization

Virtualization is just like computer inside computer. If you want to become a hacker you need to know how to set up a virtual environment. Before performing your attacks in the real world you need to perform it on your system , to do so you need to learn virtualization.

5 – Programming Or Scripting

One can hack system by copying codes or script written by others, if you do so you won’t be a pro hacker. For writing your own codes and making scripts you need to learn programming languages like Phython, C , Java , Php , Java Scripting and etc.

Sr. No.LanguagesPlatformUse
1HTML Cross PlatformWeb Hacking - Almost all websites use html codes so if you know html you can exploit them.
2Php , Sql , Java ScriptingCross PlatformWeb Hacking - Php is use to manipulate html codes, Sql is used for database management where all id and password are stored, Java Scripting adds function to websites, if you know these you can exploit any web application.
3Phython , RubyCross PlatformMaking various tools and script which comes handy while performing an attack.
4C Cross PlatformFor making shell command for hacking windows and many more similar attacks.
5Java , Visual BasicCross PlatformDepending upon the scenario you may need one of these.

6 – Think Creatively

All the above mentioned skills are required for becoming a hacker but they are not the only skills that will make you a successful hacker. Your success depends upon how you use those skills , how creative you are. There are many ways to hack a system but it depends upon you that which way you chose .

Garnishing  your Skills with your Creativity will make you a successful  hacker.

7 – Practice, Practice And Practice

The more you practice the more sharp you become. And remember…..

Rome was not built in a day.

Feel free to comment below if you still have doubt regarding any skill.

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