Top 5 Ways To Download Videos From The Internet.

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Top 5 Ways To Download Videos From The Internet.

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We all love watching videos whether it is on computer or our mobile. The moment I said watching videos you must have thought about YouTube, and why not it is the world’s largest video streaming website and the second largest search engine in the world. There are other video streaming websites like Metacafe, Megavideo, Vimeo and etc. Today in this article we will be discussing top ways to download videos from YouTube and not just YouTube you can use these methods to download videos from anywhere on the internet.

If your network administrator has blocked video streaming in order to save the bandwidth. You can use this method to download the entire video instead of watching it online.

Let’s get started…..

1- SaveFrom.net – Visit

  • This is one of the best method to download videos from YouTube. It allows you to download the videos in variety of formats. Follow the steps to do so…
  • Open the video on YouTube you want to download.
  • Go to URL and type ss just before youtube and hit enter.

  • It will take you to its website and from there you can the download the video.

2 – Savevid.com – Visit

Just go to your browser and type savevid.com a window like this will open.

Type the URL of the video in the URL box and click the download.

3 – Keepvid.com – Visit

Steps are same as savevid.com

4 – Yoo Download – Visit

  • Type yoo video downloader in your browser and hit enter
  • A window like this will open, juts paste the URL of the video and verify yourself by clicking I am not a robot.
  • Hit download button.

5 – Online Video Converter – Visit

This is another video downloading website which you can use, it allows you to download videos besides downloading you can  convert the video in any format you like.

For Android Users Using App

Download and Install the app called TubeMate. – Download TubeMate

  • Once you have downloaded and installed the app open the video you want download.
  • Click on the video a screen like this will open,  select Always or Only once.

download videos from the internet

  • After clicking Just Once or Always a screen like this will come. In the top right side click on downward arrow.

download videos from the internet

  • A screen like this will come select the quality and hit the download button.

download videos from the internet

All the above method works well in computer as well as android device. Select the method which suits you the best and you are good to go.

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