How To Perform Data Recovery On Any Storage Device

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How To Perform Data Recovery On Any Storage Device

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One of the worst thing that can ever happen to a computer user is data loss. It breaks the heart into pieces( Really I am not joking ). If you have gone through this then you can understand what I am talking about.  If you have unintentionally deleted your important data such as photo, video or any other file you can easily recover that using any genuine data recovery software.

In this tutorial, I have used the software called Mini Tool Power Data Recovery. You can use any other software if you want, all the steps are almost same.


Don’t install the recovery software on the location where data was lost. If possible use the portable version. Also, don’t copy or create any new file. This is because the new file will overwrite the old file. So be careful while recovering.

Procedure of data recovery

1. This is the first step of data recovery. Open the software there you will be welcomed with five different recovery option. Select the option according to your need. If you are recovering data external storage device make sure your device is connected properly.

data recovery

2. Now you will find the list of all available storage devices including your hard disk. Select the device from where your data is lost. Click on Full Scan.


3. The software will start scanning. This may take hours depending on the size of data.

    Have patience. This is important.  

4.  Once scanning is complete. Select your file and recover it.


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Step by step data recovery.

1. Connect your device to the computer and launch the software. If you are recovering data from hard disk then just launch the software.

2. Depending upon your storage device select the recovery mode. In my case, I am selecting Digital Media Recovery. There is one Advance option click on it for advance setting. For example, you only want to recover photo, audio or any other format. You can do that using this option.

3. Select your device and click on recover now. Scanning will start.

4. Once scanning is complete it will display all the files.

5. Select your files and click on save files. It will ask you to select the location where you want to save your file.

Note – Never save data from the location from where it was lost.


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