5 Most Beautiful Female Programmers In The World

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5 Most Beautiful Female Programmer In The World

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You must have heard the quotation “Beauty With Brains”. Well, to prove that I am presenting a list of world’s most beautiful female programmer.

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1. Jade Raymond 

Born on August 28, 1975, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada is a Canadian video game executive, founder of Electronic Arts’ Motive Studios and Ubisoft Toronto.

picture of Jade Reymond

Jade Raymond

She graduated from St. George’s School of Montreal in 1992 and Marianopolis College in 1994. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from McGill University in 1998, where she majored in computer science. In 2004, she started working for Ubisoft Montreal, where she led the creation of the first Assassin’s Creed game. Raymond went on to become an executive producer on Assassin’s Creed II and was executive producer of new IP at Ubisoft Montreal, which included Watch Dogs and The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. She is one of the most talented female programmer.

2. Corrinne Yu

Corrinne Yu is an American game female programmer. Yu attended California State Polytechnic University, Pomona to study electrical engineering before beginning her career as a professional programmer.

Her first game as a programmer was for the King’s Quest series for the Apple II although she had her own 3D engine projects that she sold to various companies

picture of Corrinne Yu

Corrinne Yu

She currently works as a principle engine architect with Microsoft Studios internal studio 343 industries. She is well known for her contribution in some famous games like Borderlands, Zombie, Unreal Engine 3 and Brothers in arms. Her most famous work is Halo 4.  Besides working as a game programmer, Yu programmed on the Space Shuttle program at Rockwell International California. She designed and conducted accelerator experiments at LINAC in California and the accelerator at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Her nuclear physics research won her a national award from the U.S. Department of Energy


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3. Tracy Chou


Tracy Chou is one of the big names in female programmer world. She has a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and Masters degree in Computer Science. She has worked at Pinterest, Quora and has internship experience at Rocket Fuel Inc, Google, and Facebook

 picture of Tracy Chou

Tracy Chou

4. Amanda Wixted

Amanda Wixted (born November 23, 1981) is a computer game programmer and founder of Meteor Grove Software. She is a well known female programmer as she has made huge contributions to mobile gaming.


picture of amanda wixted

Amanda Wixted

She led development teams on game applications such as LivePoker, Mafia Wars, Street Racing, Vampire Wars and FarmVille. Amanda is currently CTO of Homer, an award-winning educational startup that helps young kids learn and love to read.

2. Sara Haider

Sara Haider is currently working as a software engineer at Twitter. Known for her programming skills, Sara specializes in Android App development. Before joining Twitter, she worked with PA Consulting Group and Google for a short period.

picture of sara haider

Sara Haider

Sara was the brains behind Twitter’s 6 sec video service, Vine. Twitter has recently announced the shutdown of Vine.


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