10 Amazing Command  Prompt Tricks You Should Try

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10 Amazing Command  Prompt Tricks You Should Try

command  prompt tricks

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Windows command prompt is one of the coolest things Microsoft has ever provided.  Due to its large variety of commands, it is very famous among geeks. Today in this post I have collected some of the coolest command prompt tricks you can try.

Some of these command prompt tricks and hacks are special features command prompt itself, while others are serious cmd commands. So without wasting much time, let’s get started.


1. Ctrl + C To Abort Any Command

Yes, you read it right you can abort any command in cmd.  Many times you write some wrong commands and clear it by pressing backspace but what if the command is executed, now you can abort even that. Let me explain what abort means, it doesn’t mean you can abort any command like format. However, commands like dir, cd can be undone.

2. Save Command Output To A File

This in my one of my favorite command prompt tricks. Using this command you can save the command output to a file. For example, you have executed systeminfo command. Now you want to save the output to a text file you can easily do that using this command.

– In computing, systeminfo.exe, a command-line utility shipped with Microsoft Windows versions from Windows XP onwards, produces a summary output of Windows hardware/software operating-environment parameters.

Simply type systeminfo>C:\myfile.txt and hit enter. myfile.txt is the file name, you can give whatever name you want.

command  prompt tricks

3. The Tree Command

I guess by looking at the snapshot you must have got some idea about the command. Well, that command is used to view all the sub folders present inside the folder. Simple go to the folder and type tree and you will get all the folders listed.

command  prompt tricks

4. Change The Title

Aren’t, you tired of seeing the same title(command prompt) everytime you open it. Cheer up now you change even that. Just open cmd and type title followed by the title you want to give and hit enter.  However, the change is not permanent. Once you close the cmd the changes are again back to normal.

command  prompt tricks


5. Run Command Prompt as an Administrator Automatically

Many commands require that you execute them from administrator privilege. Normally for doing that you right click and select run as administrator and waste lot of time. But by creating a shortcut you can save a lot of time. To do that create a shortcut and right click and select run as administrator. You can find this in Advance option

6. Copy Text From Command Prompt

Have you ever tried to copy text from cmd? If I am not wrong then yes. If you are a windows user you must have tried this once. But what you have got -nothing. Now you can do that also.

command  prompt tricks

Simply right click and select mark and select the text you want to copy and hit enter. Now you can paste the copied text wherever you want.



7.  Open command prompt anywhere

I don’t know how it’s with you all but it’s was really frustrating for me when I have to type cd command every time I want to change the directory for executing my java file. But the things have changed now I can access cmd at any location I want. To do this right click while pressing the shift key.

command  prompt tricks

8. View Your Computer’s Important Network Information

Open Command Prompt and execute ipconfig /all.

What displays on screen next is everything important about your network connection: your IP address, hostname, DHCP server, DNS information, and much, much more.

command  prompt tricks

9. Find IP Adress Of Any Website

Just type ping followed by the name of the website.

command  prompt tricks

10. Copy And Paste Made Easier


Just right-click on the Command Prompt title bar and select Properties. On the Options tab, in the Edit Options section, check the QuickEdit Mode box and then click OK.

Enabling QuickEdit Mode is like having Mark enabled all the time, so selecting text to copy is really easy.

As a bonus, this also enables an easy way to paste into the Command Prompt: just right click once and whatever you have in the clipboard is pasted into the Command Prompt window. Normally, pasting involves right-clicking and selecting Paste, so this is still a bit different than you’re used to.

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