Top 5 Easy Ways To Access Blocked Websites.

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Top 5 Easy Ways To Access Blocked Websites.

In the previous article related to internet censorship I have discussed about internet censorship and how contents and websites are blocked on the internet , what are the various reason for blocking access to some websites. Before you continue reading this article it is necessary for you to understand internet censorship and various internet terms, therefore I would highly recommend you to read these two articles.

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In this article I will be discussing how you can access blocked websites. If you are school, college going or office worker where  your organization has blocked access to some entertainment websites like Facebook , YouTube and etc then this article if for you guys.

1 – HTTP Spoofing

As I have told in the previous article that http is a protocol that is used to connect to websites. This protocol normally connects to the requested website by connecting to port 80 of the remote server and the web address is preceded by http://.

It is easy for any organization to block access to certain websites by blocking the request going to port 80. To overcome this problem a new protocol called HTTPS comes into action. HTTPS is a secured version of http, besides being secure it connects to websites using port 443. If your network administrator has only blocked connections to port 80 then you can try this method.

2 – Proxy Servers

Here is a list of proxy servers that you can use.

3 – Glype

We all know that proxy server is one of the best method to access blocked website. But now many organizations are blocking access to proxy websites. In that case you should use something called Glype, you can create and host your own web-based proxy server on the internet. It is php script that you use as a proxy server, since the proxy server is hosted on your system it is fairly impossible for your network administrator to block it.

Visit Glype

4 – Tor Browser

It is the easiest way to access blocked websites just download and install tor on your system and you are good to go.

Download Tor Browser

5 – Alkasir

Alkasir is a anti-censorship software that you can install on your system to browse blocked websites. It has proxy server in different parts of the world. It can be downloaded free from its official website.

Download Alkasir 

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